About Us

Welcome to Hoʻohua Early Learning Organization

Hoʻohua was started as a way to provide keiki on the Waianae Coast with access to early childhood education where they become kindergarten ready while also being exposed to and learning about native hawaiian culture in a developmentally appropriate manner by kanaka in our lāhui.
In providing this service we also help further uplift our lāhui by providing sustainable employment for our community.

Why did we choose Hoʻohua as a name?

Hoʻo refers to causation, the reason something happens. Hua is a reference to flowers as kanaka often refer to their keiki as flowers and means: to produce or yield. To become fruitful.
Hoʻohua being the causation for fruitfulness. The work that goes into making a seed, flower, and eventually, fruit.
We used this in conjunction with the image of the ʻohelo berry* in itʻs various stages as our logo to represent the work that goes into helping our keiki become fruitful; the work that goes into ensuring our keiki thrive, because when our keiki thrive, so does our lāhui.

* Sustainable: Pays competitive, liveable wages far by passing other similar organizations to encourage our staff to continue to build their lives in the islands HELO also encourages the growth and development of our staff through further education.

* ʻohelo berries are endemic to Hawaii and can been found in the Waianae mountains. It also helped our acronym HELO fit perfectly 👧🏾

How to enroll step-by-step


Pick up an enrollment application from our school or download one from the link below

Enrollment Application must be complete with Form 14 and DHS 908 signed by both the parent and physician

Meet and Tour

Come tour our school and get to know our kumu

To limit exposure within our classroom bubble, call to schedule a time before or after hours to tour the classrooms and talk story with our kumu


For your keiki's first day

Talk with your keiki about what they can expect when they attend. Talk with our kumu about items your keiki may need when they start

Important Dates

87-169 Helelua Street, Waianae

Labor Day

We will be closed for Labor Day

  • Monday, 5th of September
87-169 Helelua Street, Waianae

Indigenous Peopleʻs Day

We will be closed for Indigenous Peopleʻs Day

  • Monday, 10th of October
87-169 Helelua Street, Waianae

Election Day

We will be closed for Election Day

  • Friday, 11th of November
87-169 Helelua Street, Waianae

Fall Break

We will be closed for Fall Break

  • Thursday 24th and Friday 25th, of November

Photo by little plant on Unsplash

87-169 Helelua Street, Waianae

Winter Break

We will be closed for Winter Break.

  • Sunday 25th and Saturday 31st, of December

Photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

87-169 Helelua Street, Waianae

New Year

Happy New Year! We will be closed for New Years.

  • Sunday 1st and Monday 2nd, of January